War Child is a fun and innovative charity for your company to work with. As you’ll see within these pages, we go the extra mile to build brilliant partnerships with our corporate friends. We take the effort to really get to know you and your staff, and make sure that working with us is a rewarding experience for us all.

Our cause is an engaging one that your employees and customers will really get behind. Teaming up with us not only helps to transform vulnerable children’s lives, it’s also great for your CSR objectives and for motivating and engaging your staff and clients. Our unique music projects and fun staff social activities are bound to be a hit with them all.

Discover more about becoming a War Child partner or see some of the companies we've worked with in the past.

Corporate Fundraising

Strategic Partnerships

Build a long-term relationship with us and you'll see the deep, sustainable impact you can make.

Corporate Volunteering

There's benefits for everyone involved when your staff provide us with some Pro-bono support.


Sponsoring one of our events, campaigns or International Programmes can really raise your profile.

Brand Partnerships

Promote your brand's ethical credentials by donating some of your sales to War Child.

Payroll giving & Pro-bono

Help your employees donate or fundraise for us in the most tax-efficient way, or donate us your skills!

Staff Engagement

With our dedicated team, Fundraising at work can be brilliant fun as well as a great staff motivation tool.

Corporate Fundraising

Where Your Money Goes

See how the money your company raises can change thousands of young lives