What Makes Us Different?

  • We're child protection specialists

    Child rightsWar Child is the only agency that specialises in child protection in conflict-affected countries.

    Other charities run child protection projects as part of their emergency or humanitarian work.

    But this is our sole focus and we're experts in it.

    Donate to War Child today and help us continue our child protection work.



  • We Stay, long after the TV Cameras Go Home

    Long termAlthough we may arrive during a conflict, we remain on the ground for years afterwards.

    We often fill the post-conflict gap between humanitarian aid ending and long term development work starting.

    This vacuum can last for years, long after the media and humanitarian aid agencies like the International Red Cross and UNHCR have moved on to the next crisis.

  • We Look for the Hardest Children to Find

    We don't just work in conflict zones, we seek out the most vulnerable children who are suffering the most severe effects of conflict. These include:

    • Street children
    • Former child soldiers
    • Families forced to flee their homes
    • Girls who’ve experienced, or are at risk of, sexual violence.

    These children have often slipped through the net of the authorities and other charities.

    We provide them and their families with life-changing intensive and individually tailored support - rather than a 'one-size-fits-all' solution.

  • What's Your Problem?

    ...and how would you like to solve it?

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    It sounds funny, but you’d be amazed by how many charities run projects for children but don’t ask them what they think or what they want.

    Asking their parents or teachers is fine, but what if they are the problem? All our projects are based on the problems and solutions that the young people themselves identify.

  • We're Completely Unreliable

    Children can’t, and shouldn’t, rely on us.

    We support children to become self-reliant and we strengthen the capacity of their family & community to care for them.

    That’s why we don’t offer child-sponsorships or bursaries for example.

    At its best, our work builds legacies not dependencies.

  • Where others see Victims with needs, we see Children with Rights

    Child rightsThe children of war don’t need pity. They have rights just like you and me, and they deserve those rights to be met.

    There are countless national and international statutes which support these rights includingThe Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The International Convention on the Rights of the Child, and The Geneva Convention.

    World leaders and politicians throughout the globe have signed up to protect these rights when conflict threatens to violate them. It’s unacceptable when they don’t.

  • Our Child Protection Doesn't End Where our Fundraising Starts

    We don’t use photos or stories of children in a way that stigmatises, exploits or victimises them in order to tell their stories and raise donations.

    That sets us apart from many other children's charities.

    This is a natural extension of our belief that it’s not a question of pity, it’s a matter of getting their voices heard and their rights met.

  • We're Low Fat

    Low fat

    We punch way above our weight considering we're a small charity of 30 people in the UK.

    We also have a dedicated team of local staff living and working in places that you wouldn't go on holiday to.

    We're a non-bureaucratic, innovative, creative and passionate charity that makes a lot of noise on behalf of some amazing children.

    See what we do and don't spend your money on.

    But we can't do any of this without the support of people like you.

    Please donate to War Child today and help us continue to do things a bit differently.