How do you ignore a 10 foot girl?

When it comes to making decisions, women and children are often ignored by the menfolk of Kaabong.

In this traditional nomadic culture, the men work with the cattle and the women's work is at home. Boys are largely ignored until they're old enough to look after the cows. Girls are effectively bought and sold as wives in the form of dowries paid in cattle.

An educated girl is 10 times less valuable than one who hasn't been to school. So it's no surprise that you don't see many girls in the classroom around here.

But it's harder to ignore them when they're 10 feet tall and plastered all over the village.

Photo-journalist Katharine Sidelnik spent six months volunteering at our project in northern Uganda and she used her skills to help local women and children get their voices heard by their community.

She asked the children and women to choose a pose and an accompanying message they'd like their community to hear/see and discuss.

By presenting the images in the very same communities they were produced in, the community itself becomes a gallery.”
Katharine Sidelnik

The effects:
“The photos became a great talking point in the villages” says Katharine. they would all gather round to watch me pasting the giant images on the walls and 'ooh' and 'aah' as the puzzle came together and they could see which of their neighbours was depicted."

“It really got everyone in the community talking about things like children's rights, and about the value of education.”

How were the images produced?

“I used some free software to rasterise the images and printed them on the office printer. I made my own paste out of flour and water to stick the posters to the walls. The whole project only cost about £20”