An artwork project presented by War Child UK and fashion icon Stella McCartney.

The Draw Me to Safety art project was launched in London by UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie and Stella McCartney at the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Its aim is to use art created by children from across the UK and conflict-affected countries to promote messages about what the concept of safety means to different children today.

The initiative will engage 8-15 years olds in the UK and in conflict-affected countries on the issues facing children in war; asking young people to create artwork answering the question ‘What makes you feel safe?’

Stella McCartney will then create an exclusive fashion product inspired by children’s drawings.

Proceeds will go directly to War Child UK helping us to protect children in some of the most dangerous war zones in the world.

Some early entries created by children from War Child programmes in conflict zones were exhibited at the Global Summit where they were reviewed by Ms Jolie, Ms McCartney and Polline Okello, a survivor from Uganda who was abducted aged 12 (below).

See a selection of entries we received.

How it worked

The theme of our initiative was ‘What makes you feel safe?’

This project offered children in the UK the chance to show solidarity with children in conflict-affected countries.

It was open to children aged 8-15.

We were looking for art which fitted one of the following criteria:

•    Inspiring
•    Insightful
•    Imaginative
•    Individual

The project is now closed.

The final design will be revealed soon.

“This project is about young people standing with children affected by conflict. Children see the world with clarity and honesty.

“War Child UK and I are excited to share their insights through art that will raise awareness and encourage the world to do more to protect children from war."

Stella McCartney

Note: All appropriate submissions will be displayed online highlighting both the similarities and differences in the concepts of safety across the world.