Children's Charity UK

War Child is a children's charity in the UK that supports vulnerable children in Africa and Asia.

We help children whose lives have been torn apart by war. We're based in London but we run projects across the world - including:

Children's Charity UK

We protect children from the brutal effects of war and help rebuild their lives.

We’re on the ground in some of the world’s most dangerous countries – providing life-changing support.

And we’re still there after the TV cameras have gone home. We’re there for the most vulnerable children whose homes, families and communities are torn apart by war. These include child soldiers, street children and girls at risk of sexual violence.

Our vital support includes:

  • Rebuilding schools destroyed by war and getting kids out of army uniforms and into school ones.
  • Creating safe havens where children can escape the dangers and hardship of life on the streets after war has forced them to leave home.
  • Providing medical care, sanctuary and counselling to girls and young women who have been victims of, or are at risk of, sexual violence.

Children don’t start wars. There’s quite simply no excuse for their lives to be torn apart by them. It’s black and white. Right and wrong.

Every child has a right to a childhood and an education. Those rights are protected by international conventions and national laws. They’re supposed to protect children from the carnage of war but too often they don’t.  So we’re working hard to persuade governments and decision-makers at the local, national and international level to meet their responsibilities and keep children safe.