War Child International

War Child International is a family of independent humanitarian organisations, working across the world to help children affected by war. War Child International currently consists of three implementing offices: War Child Holland, War Child North America and War Child UK.

These offices operate as equal partners, share the same aims and goals and work together in the field, but are totally autonomous, with independent trustees and financial coordination.

War Child International implements projects in Afghanistan, Burundi, Chechnya, Colombia, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uganda, West Bank and Gaza.

Find out more at www.warchild.org

War Child Australia

Our friends at War Child Australia are a volunteer-run fundraising branch of War Child UK. All of the money they raise goes directly to our Programmes work.

War Child Ireland

Similarly, War Child Ireland is an independent organisation that fundraises on behalf of War Child UK. They don't run any Programmes of their own - the money they raise goes directly to support our Programmes in D.R. Congo.