About this site

This site was written and planned by Ben at War Child with a great deal of help from Anne Pannecke.

Graphic design by Mike Kus

Help with the site build and theming by New Digital Partnership.

The geeky bit:
The site is built using a subtheme of Boron - a Drupal 7 theme. Where possible, it makes use of HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. We're still working on tidying up the 'back end' and adding more features to it.

We're honoured to have received many 'Site of the Day' awards, to feature in some of the best CSS gallery sites and to have been selected as CMS site of the month in .net Magazine.

The site is intended to look quite different from the standard charity/NGO website design, and be more like a magazine that people hopefully want to browse through. Due to our very limited resources, we don't generate as much content as many charities so the design acts a showcase of our work rather than a latest-news style approach.